Here you will find the lyrics of the popular song – “Romantic Homicide” from the Movie/Album “Romantic Homicide”. The song/soundtrack was composed by the famous lyricist “David Burke” and was released On “July 20, 2022” in the beautiful voice of “ D4vd”. The song’s music video features an amazing, talented actor/actress “ D4vd”. It was released under the music label “Darkroom, Interscope”.

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Romantic Homicide Lyrics in English

I’m scared (Oh-oh-oh)

It feels like you don’t care (Ooh-ooh)

Enlighten me, my dear (Ooh-ooh-ooh)

Why am I still here? Mm (Oh-oh)

I don’t mean to be

Complacent with the decisions you made

But why? Mm


In the back of my mind

You died

And I didn’t even cry

No, not a single tear

And I’m sick of waiting patiently

For someone that won’t even arrive




In the back of my mind

I killed you

And I didn’t even regret it

I can’t believe I said it

But it’s true

I hate you


Song Credits & Copyright Details:

Title: Romantic Homicide

Album: Romantic Homicide

Lyricists: David Burke

Released Date: July 20, 2022

Label: Darkroom, Interscope

Cast: D4vd

Singer: D4vd

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