Calm and soft Background music is very soulful and it’s like medicine for many people. Let your videos and presentations go from boring to brilliant by adding this calm & soft background music of instruments. Royalty-free relaxing music MP3 download. Use the audio track and instrumentals in your next project.

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Music: Heavenly

Downloaded from Youtube audio library. No attribution is required.

Soft and calm background music with light, the slow tempo that will create a peaceful, soothing atmosphere in the background for your videos, podcasts, or other media content.

Calm and soft background music can make your whole work soothing, peaceful, and relaxing. this music is very soft and innocent. you can listen to this music while studying, relaxing, reading, yoga, meditation, and calming your mind.

Piano and guitar can be used for this background genre and it helps you to get good results in work as well as in life and it can be used in videos background and gives good results. Use this soft, peaceful, Calm, and soft background music with light and slow tempo Royalty-free, copyright-free background music and get good results with your video and work. If you add this soft music to your video then your video will definitely get good results.

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Thank you.

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