Sunita Swami Biography


Artist Birtday : 04/08/2004 (Age 20)
Born In : Rajasthan
Occupation(s) : Singer/student 
Genres : Bhajan, Rajasthani song

Sunita Swami  is an indian born singer.she is born for singing she is the only girl that achieved youtube silver button in just 7 days. Sunita swami jhorda is a famous singer of rajasthan, when she started singing Assume that there is flowing river of sweet voice.  Now Sunite is just 17 years old and she is a big bhajan singer there no one likes her. 

Sunita swami Jhorda {Nagaur } was born on 4 August in 2004 in a small village jhorda in rajasthan india. Her father’s name is Shree Jugal Kishor , her father always encourages her to be  a good singer and she is obliged for her father. Sunita swami jordha’s music teacher name is bhuraram sharma who teaches music to her. 

Full name  Sunita swami Jhorda {Nagaur }
DOB 4 August 2004
Father name  Shree Jugal Kishor
Occupation  singer/student 
Born in  jhorda in rajasthan india
Marital status  Unmarried 
Music type  Bhajan 


The songs that songs by Sunita swami Jhorda {Nagaur } 

पहले जैसा प्रेम हमेशा कोनी रेवे रे

चेतावनी मत ले रे जिवडा नींद हरामी

राम सुमरले सुखरत करले आगे आडो आवेलो

स्वर्गा से आयो है संदेश

काली नागण डोले रे 

कंचन वाली काया

गोऊ माता भजन नागौर गोशाला

हंसला चुगले मोतीड़ा रो चुण

अरे म्हारा मनड़ा बदलगा दिनड़ा

Lado Chali Sasriye



Sunita Swami Jhorda { Nagaur }