Satguru Kabir Das Biography


Artist Birtday : 21/01/1398 (Age 625)
Born In : Varanasi uttar pradesh
Occupation(s) : Singer

Satguru Kabir Das (1398/1440 – 1448/1518) was a 15th-century Indian mystic poet and saint, whose writings influenced Hinduism Is Bhakti movement and his verses are found in Sikhism’s scripture Guru Granth Sahib and Kabir Sagar. Satguru kabir das is a poet and a big bhajan singer.Born in the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, he is known for being critical of both organized religion and religions. He questioned meaningless and unethical practices of all religions primarily the wrong practices in Hindu and Muslim religion.

The hallmark of Kabir’s works consists of his two line couplets, known as the ‘Kabir ke Dohe’. The Dohas reflect the deep philosophical thinking of the poet saint.

The Philosophy of Satguru Kabir Saheb.Kabir Saheb was born in 1398 (Samvat 1455), on the full moon day of Jyeshtha month at the time of Brahma Muhurta. There is a considerable  scholarly debate on the circumstances surrounding Kabir’s birth.

Full name  Satguru kabir das 
Born in  1398
Birth place  Varanasi uttar pradesh 
Occupation  Poet /singer/ doha writer
Music type  Bhajan Bhakti 
Died in  1518

Satguru kabir das bhajans

कबीर अमृतवाणी, संत कबीर के

साहेब सद्गुरु के चरणों मे

Satguru Naam Sumrle Pyare

बहुत प्राचीन भजन

कबीर साहेब की आरती-जय जय सत्य कबीर

manush janm anmol re

राम ने भज ले

क्या तन माँझता रे

कबीर जी के दोहे



Satguru Kabir Das