Ramniwas Rav Biography


Artist Birtday : 05/07/1946 (Age 54)
Born In : Rajasthan
Occupation(s) : Singer

Ramniwas Rav is the one of the best bhakti singer he was born on 5-july-1946 Rajasthan, india and their death 5-october-2020 in india, He has sung more and more Rajasthani songs and the people of Rajasthan still like them very much till now

Ramniwas Rav :-

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Instagram id :-https://www.instagram.com/ramniwas_rao_official_/

Here you will find the lyrics of the popular song  “Ganpati Palna Mein Jhule” from the Movie and Album. The Music Director is Meena Lal Bhatti. The song & soundtrack has been composed by the famous lyricist Anop Singh Saankhla and was released on “19 May 2012” in the beautiful voice of Ramniwas Rav. 

The music video of the song features some amazing and talented actor and actress Ramniwas Rav. It was released under the music label of “Preeti Cassettes”.


Title : Ganpati Palan Mein Jhule

Music Director : Meena Lal Bhaatti

Lyricist : Anop Singh Saankhla

Singer(s) : Ramniwas Rav

Cast : Ramniwas Rav

Label : Preeti Cassettes

Popular songs of Ramniwas Rav:-

1.Raja Mordhwaj Ri Jeevani

2.Krishan Manihara

3.Bala Chundri

4.Shiv Parvati

5.Aai Maata

6.Bala Sati Bhag

7.Raja Chandra

8.Maa Ki Mamta

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Ramniwas Rav