Hiralal Gurjar Biography


Born In : Rajasthan
Occupation(s) : Singer

Hiralal gurjar is an indian born singer who sings lokgeet and bhakti songs. He belongs to Rajasthan in India. His dream is to be a great singer in his life. He is the most popular singer and her voice is sweet so people like her to listen.  Hiralal Gurjer is a bhajan bhakti singer. And most of  her songs are bhajan, she is a big fan of gods.

Hiralal Gurjar was born in a small village in Rajasthan. He  makes many bhajan albums, she has wanted to become a singer since childhood and now she is a popular singer

Full name  Hiralal gurjar 
DOB Not Known 
Occupation  Singer 
Music type  Bhakti and lokgeet
Music language  Rajasthani language 
Home town  Rajasthan 

Songs sung by the Hiralal gurjar 


Hiralal Gurjar