Dhulsingh Biography


Born In : Rajasthan
Occupation(s) : Singer

Dhulsingh is an Indian singer, he was born, Rajasthan, India and Dhul Singh are more of a sung a song and he has given popular bhajan and song to our India like that Aya santa ne aadar devo & Apahad ri dungara me ramba doo And Marwdi bhajans Dhul sings mostly songs from Rajasthani albums. And Indian people like him. And the people of Rajasthan like them the most.

Personal info:-

Name Dhul Singh
Occupation Singer / Bhajan artist
DOB Not known
Death Still alive
Place Rajasthan, India
Hits Kotde Le Chalo Mane Baba Ke Le Chal

Popular Lyrics :-

Here you will find the lyrics of the popular song Kotde Le Chalo Mane Baba Ke Le Chalo from the Movie and Album Rajasthani Bhajan. The song/soundtrack has been composed by the famous lyricist Traditional and was released on “Jan 16, 2016” in the beautiful voice of Dhul Singh. The music video of the song features some amazing and talented actors and actresses. It was released under the music label of RDC Media Pvt. Ltd.

Songs of Dhul Singh :-

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