Sonu Kaushik Biography


Born In : Rajasthan
Occupation(s) : Singer

Sonu Kaushik is a famous singer. He is from Rajasthan . He is very famous in Rajasthan and everywhere. He always sings the bhajan. He is very famous because of his songs(bhajan). He is mostly famous for the Mehndipur  Balaji bhajan . He also sings the mata rani songs. He has lots of  famous songs such as Ram Bhajan, Cham Cham Neche hanuman etc.  All people give a lot of love and respect because of his songs. He did very hard work in his life. Everyone wants to listen to his songs. 

Full name Sonu Kaushik 
Nickname  Sonu 
Home town Rajasthan 
Famous for  Ram Bhajan, Cham Cham Neche hanuman 
Date of birth Not known 
occupation Singing 
Current location  Rajasthan 
Contract For Live Stage Program’s & Shows 09813351029,09354388819
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Famous Songs of Sonu Kaushik: 

Title :-      Mangal Bhawan Amangal Hari   

Album :-  Nathupura Live Jagran 

Artist :-    Sonu Kaushik

Singer:-   Sonu Kaushik

Krishna Bhajan: Khul Gaye Saare Taale

Singer: Sonu Kaushik

Music Director: Sudhir Sharma

Lyricist: Yogi Parmar

Artist: Sonu Kaushik

Album: Khul Gaye Saare Taale

Music Label: T-Series



Sonu Kaushik