Remo Fernandes


Artist Birtday : 08/05/1953 (Age 70)
Born In : Panjim, Goa, India
Occupation(s) : Musician, singer, songwriter, actor
Genres : Fusion, Indian rock

Remo Fernandes, born on 8 May 1953 in Panjim, Goa is also known as Luís Remo de Maria Bernardo Fernandes. He is one of the well-known singers and musicians from India and has been a pioneer as a pop singer in the Indian film Industry.

His work as a playback singer consists of pop, rock, Indian fusion, and Bollywood songs. His musical work is considered that it is a kind of fusion of many different cultures and styles. He owned a successful career in the music industry. Having a great successful career in the Bollywood film and music industry, he entertained his audience with many smashes hit songs such as ‘Humma Humma’ (movie- Bombay), and his pop album ‘O meri munni’.

Remo Fernandes was born to the well-known Panjim family of Bernado and Luiza Fernandes on 8 May 1953.[6] He has a sister named Belinda, who sings Brazilian songs.


Early life

Remo belongs to a well-known Catholic family of Bernardo his father and Luiza Fernandes his mother in Panjim, the capital of Goa. His sister’s name is Belinda, she sings Brazilian songs. Being a Goan, he has experienced the atmosphere of diverse cultures and was also got influenced by the richness of various forms of Goan music. He has been a natural guitarist and built a band named Beat 4 while studying in School. His school was Don Bosco high school in Panjim, Goa.

Remo held a degree in Architecture from Mumbai. As he was passionate about music since his childhood, his focus was on music than his academics. He loved playing guitar more than studying his academic books. At 5, he experienced the stage for the first time.

Just after his graduation, he returned to Goa to follow his passion for music and started a fusion band named Indiana.


Remo’s music career

From 1977 to 1980 for three years, Remo traveled to countries in Europe and North Africa and spent his life performing with a fusion rock band, and in 1979 he also released an album named Rock Synergie in Paris. After coming back to goa and he started leading a hippie life. He happened to meet a group of traveling European artists who called themselves the Amsterdam Ballon Company and started performing as a guitarist in their concert at Baga beach in Goa.

In 2002, Remo produced two of his albums, ‘Symphonic Chants’ and ‘India Beyond’ but both albums didn’t do much and went unnoticed in India. Later his two “Album Pack the Smack” and “Bombay City” were popular and more than 20,000 cassettes each were sold within a short span of time.

On the occasion of his 50th birthday, Remo entertained more than 25000 people for four hours by organizing a reunion party in goa with all his old bands including the Beat 4, Indiana, and the Savages. As a band member, Remo got the opportunity to perform across the world such as in New York, Nairobi, Santa Cruz, Brazil, Mauritius, Seychelles, Bahrain, and Margao.



In the year 1984, Remo completed the recording of his maiden album titled “Goan Crazy”. it was followed by his next album titled “Old Goan Gold”( in 1985) which was released on a four-track cassette TEAC Portastudio recorder. The banner name of these albums was ‘Goan Records’ under which they were released. In both albums, he showed all his capabilities by playing all the instruments, singing all notes, and writing all lyrics. All other sections of these albums were also done by him such as recording, mixing, and designing the album cover. After producing the cassettes in Mumbai, he himself started distributing the cassettes from one shop to another in Goa taking postcards, a self-written illustrated book of poems named “Leads”, and self-designed t-shirts with him.

He was truly inspired by mother Teresa so he composed a double album titled Teresa and Slum Bum featuring 35 singers from India, Europe, the united state of America, and the U.K.



Remo has created a different niche for himself as a singer and when he performed in front of Rajiv Gandhi at an event was his maiden performance as a singer. By singing a song titled ‘Hello Rajiv Gandhi, he earned lots of popularity. Remo is also known for his singing for the social welfare program as he sang for the Bhopal gas tragedy victims at a fundraiser event.

Remo has performed many Hindi songs. Some of them are ‘Dekho Dekho Yeh Hai Jalwa’ from the film Jalwa-1986, Huma Huma from the film Bombay(1994), and another movie is Aflatoon-1997. In 1998, Remo added one more hit album to his credit, it was a music album titled ‘O Meri Munni’ released by him.



  • Press Critics Awards 1986
  • Audience Favourite Award 1986
  • Padma Shri 2007


Remo Fernandes