Rashi Sain Biography


Born In : Dehradun uttarakhand
Occupation(s) : Singer
Genres : Folk song

Rashi sain is an indian born singer and music lover who creates different types of new songs.  She is a great lover of folk songs her latest song is Buraans is an uttarakhandi folk song that represents the culture  and beauty of uttarakhand.she has a special type of love for her state.She always wanted to do something for Uttarakhand and make its people proud; and with this song, she has done it

Rashi sain was born in Dehradun that is the capital of indian state uttarakhand  Rashi sain always wanted to be a singer. She has always had a beautiful dream to become a successful singer in her life.her voice is so sweet like a sweet. Rashi sain always loves folk songs and especially Garhwali songs. She can’t even imagine a single day without listening to or singing a song. According to Rashi, “I think music makes us feel all the emotions differently, be it happiness or sadness.It makes me feel connected with God and inner peace.”

Full name  Rashi sain 
Birthplace  Dehradun Uttarakhand
Occupation  singer/Artist 
Song type  Folk song 
Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/irashisain/?hl=en
Facebook https://m.facebook.com/rashisainsings/?ref=nf&hc_ref=ARR6OIvWUkK8JN1rRW12FfoC2onodOfPrkSeAciQOGswyMAww2g0XbEe3QBBQ7Efgqo
Twitter  https://twitter.com/rashisinger
Died  Still Alive 

Some songs that sing by the sweetest voice:

Haathyon ma Choodi 

Title: Haathyon  ma choodi Garhwali folk

Singer: Rashi Sain. , Ne-yo Pharswan


Singer – Rashi Sain

Title : folk song 

Preet Ki Chwin

SINGER :  Ne-Yo Pharswan &  Rashi Sain

LYRICS : Pradeep Pharswan

Meri Aankhyon Ma

SINGERS : Rashi Sain, Ne-Yo Pharswan

Teri Mitti

Singer: Rashi Sain

Video credit :keshri movie

Tere Mere

Cover by-Rashi Sain

song type- cover song

Khairiyat Pucho

Singer :Rashi sain

Song type: cover song 


Singer – Rashi Sain

Jag Ghoomeya cover

Singer :Rashi sain

Song type: cover song 


Rashi Sain