Lucky Ali


Artist Birtday : 19/09/1958 (Age 65)
Born In : Mumbai, Maharashtra
Occupation(s) : Singer, Song Writer, Record, Producer, Actor
Genres : Indipop, Folk, Bollywood

Maqsood Mahmood Ali was born on 19 September 1958, well-known as Lucky Ali. He is an Indian musician, composer, and actor. With several famous albums and singles, he appeared as a notable figure of Indipop during the 1990s.

Ali is the 2nd of the 8th children of Bollywood actor, Mehmood Ali. His mom Mahelaka was part Bengali and part Pashtun, and the sister of 1960s Indian actress Meena Kumari. The Bollywood dancer and actress, Minoo Mumtaz, is his paternal aunty. He attended City Convent of Jesus and Mary, Montessori School, Hampton Court, Manekji Cooper (Kindergarten) (Juhu), Mussoorie, Bombay Scottish School in Mumbai, and Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bangalore.

Ali and his father shared a fierce relationship. Mehmood Ali was a very active actor in the 1960s and 70s and stayed out from home for his offshoots. Once, around the age of 4 when Ali first returned from boarding school, Mehmood and the whole family had come to welcome Ali after 10 months in boarding school, at the airport. Ali did not remember his dad, but on noticing him said, “He’s the movie comedian Mehmood!” Ali lived away from his home in a boarding school in Dehradun, Mussoorie. Ali’s fling with marijuana ushered Mehmood to pen the movie Dushman Duniya Ka (Enemy of the World). The movie stars Ali’s youngest brother, Manzoor. It is the story of the drug misuse of an immature guy called Lucky. In the end, the young man slays his mom, annihilates everything around him, and is then slain by his dad. Ali varied with his father’s picture and did not act in the movie. “I felt the novel lacked hope,” he said. Regardless, he sang his first music for the movie.

Best comprehended for his singing, music, and acting Ali has also worked on an oil rig off the coast of Pondicherry in South India, cleaned and sold carpets, bred horses, and is an agriculturalist with a powerful statement on organic ways in agriculture