Lakhwinder Wadali


Artist Birtday : 20/04/1978 (Age 45)
Born In : Amritsar, Punjab
Occupation(s) : Singer, Actor
Genres : Punjabi, Sufi, Romantic Folk, Bhangra

Lakhwinder Wadali, who was born on 20 April 1978 in Amritsar Punjab, is one of the famous Indian musicians and singers. The family to which he belongs is a family of musicians. So it can be said that he has inherited the music from his own family.

As we all know his grandfather, Thakur Dass Wadali, had also been a prominent vocalist throughout his life. During a press interview, Lakhwinder himself told that he received formal training in music with the help of his father. He is really grateful to his father for helping him to achieve such a height in music. Besides, Lakhwinder graduated with a degree in music, and later, Due to his love for music, he went for further study in music and achieved a doctorate in classical music.

Lakhwinder Wadali has established himself among the people as a promising star of music who is not only a vocalist but also a music composer. He has skilled in different forms of singing like bhangra, ghazals, and devotional music. Right from the day of his career in music, He has been continually entertaining his audience with his blessed beautiful voice.

Being a passionate artist throughout his life, His forefathers always promoted Sufi Qawali and entertained their fans with this form of music. As he was born in a musical atmosphere, began to learn to sing in his childhood. And his father Ustad Puran Chand Wadali and his relative, Ustad Pyare Lal Wadali are also famous Sufi singers and musicians who belong to the Patiala Gharana. Still, they are entertaining their fans with their prominent talent.

By blending classical and current trends in music, he established his own form of music, but he is best known for his Sufi-style music in the Punjab music industry. He also performed different forms of music that includes Folk numbers, romantic, Sufi Saints, ghazals, bhangra, and Bhajans. And he is a highly skilled musician of Alaaps and taans, an important aspect of music.

Moreover, He is also known for his live stage shows organized in Canada, Pakistan, Dubai, etc. By now he has performed in lots of music concerts at the national and international levels.

In 2009, Taking a social initiative, he started to teach music to enhance the singing and music skill of the youth of his village.

Apart from singing, he also has a passion for acting and acted in a Punjabi film ‘Akhiyan Udeekdiyan’ in 2009 and did playback singing for the films too.

There are a number of songs that gave him the height of fame like ‘De Deedar’, ‘Ishq Daa Jaam’, ‘Velle’, and ‘Tu Bas Tu’, etc.

He is also remembered for his marvelous performance in the famous Jugalbandi with Master Saleem in a musical concert that was performed for live classical music audiences in his hometown Punjab in 2014.