Artist Birtday : 01/01/1997 (Age 26)
Born In : Tarn Taran, Punjab
Occupation(s) : Singer, Lyrics

Harnoor is a Punjabi Vocalist and Lyricist associated with Punjabi Music Industry. He is best comprehended for his themes like Waalian, Moonlight, Parshawan, Chan Vekhya, and Face to Face. His ‘ Waalian’ song has around 270 million views on youtube and 72 million streams on Spotify.

  • Harnoor was born in 1997 and his motherland is Tarn Taran, Punjab.
  • He did his education in Punjab and thereafter transferred to Canada for additional studies.
  • In 2020, he debuts his first music” Own Lanez”, which was unleashed by Jatt Life Studios.
  • After that, he came out with songs like Waalian, Face To Face, and Moonlight.
  • Two of his songs ‘Waalian’ & ‘Moonlight’ obtained a huge reaction from the audience and both pieces had more than 200 million and 50 million views respectively.
  • In 2021, he unleashed three songs Chan Vekhya, Parshawan and It’s All Done.
  • Afterward, he unleashed his first debut album ”8 Chances” with 08 tracks. The album was unleashed by Jatt Life Studios.
  • Harnoor was also featured on Toronto Eaton Centre by Punjabi 101 Spotify