Gur Chahal Biography


Born In : Punjab
Occupation(s) : Singer

Gur Chahal is one of the Famous Haryanvi  folk Singers in India. HE has devoted his entire life to singing Haryanvi folk and has composed thousands of songs in his lifetime. Gur Chahal was born in a small village in the state of Haryana, india. 

He was born in 1994 and his birthplace is Barnaba, Punjab, India.

He Showed a keen interest in music from a young age and started learning music in college. Over the years, he has mastered many different styles of music like Haryanvi folk and film songs.

 He started his singing career with Haryanvi songs. People like listening to and watching his songs. You can easily view and download his video by clicking the link below. 

Full Name Gur Chahal 
occupation Singer
Leave in  Punjab
DOB  1994

Most popular songs of Gur Chahal:



Gur Chahal