Artist Birtday : 07/08/1999 (Age 24)
Born In : Kolkata, West Bengal. India
Occupation(s) : Singing
Genres : Bengali Folk Music

Dohar, founded on 7 August 1999, is a group of musicians in India who perform folk music, especially in the style that belongs to the greater Bengal state as well as the North Eastern States of the Country. It is very famous in the Indian states, especially in West Bengal, Assam, and Bangladesh.

Dohar has performed for Bengali communities in India and abroad, making popular Assamese and Bengali folk music.



This musical band was founded by Rajib Das along with Kalika Prasad Bhattacharjee on 7 August 1999. Both the co-founders of this group belong to Barak Valley of Assam from where they came to Kolkata. The Band’s name- Dohar means ‘chorus’, which was given by Aveek Majumdar, Professor at Jadavpur University.

Kalikaprasad Bhattacharjee and Rajib Das were co-founders and lead singers and the leader of the group as well. But, due to the death of Bhattacharya on 7 March 2017, in a road accident near Gurap village in Hooghly district, West Bengal at the age of 47. After that Rajib Das alone is leading the band.

The members of the band are Rajib, Rittwik, Soumya, Mriganavi, Amit, Satyajit, Niranjan, and Kalikaprasad Bhattacharjee.