Daksha Vegda Biography


Born In : Gujrat, india
Occupation(s) : Singer

Daksha Vegda is the Indian folk singer, and she is musician also, and she was born, Gujrat india and Daksha Vegda is more of a sung a song and she has given popular bhajan, bhakti and classic song to our india like that Chamund Ma Betha Mandiriye, Mogal machrali, maro suno naa, Vishvam bhari is like many many popular songs. 

And their Record Label – T- series, Classic Music Tips music. And Daksha vegda mostly sings songs from Rajasthani albums. And Indian people like him. And the people of Gujrati like them the most.

Social Apps :-

Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/dakshavegdasinger.singer 

Instagram :- https://www.instagram.com/daksha_vegda_singer_/?hl=en

Name Daksha Vegda
Occupation Film pop / Folk Singer
DOB Not Known
Place Gujrat, india
Death Still alive
Hits Chamund Ma Betha Mandiriye

Songs of Daksha Vegda:-

Chamund Ma Betha Mandiriye

7k View on youtube

Mogal machrali

45k view 

Vishvam bhar

Kumkum Na Pagla Padya

4m view on youtube

Mangal pheroo

2.4k View on youtube

Goonji shehnai

2.6k View on youtube

Navratri special 

4k View on youtube

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Daksha Vegda