Chunnilal Rajpurohit Biography


Born In : Jaswantpura, Rajasthan
Occupation(s) : Singer

Chunnilal Rajpurohit is one of the famous Mata rani Bhajan singers in India. He Has Devoted His Entire Life to Singing Bhajan And Rajasthani Songs. Chunnilal Composed Lots Of Bhajans in his Lifetime. He was born in a Small Village In the State of Rajasthan, India. 

He was interested in music from a young age And started Learning music From his Father At a small Age. he sang very different styles like Bhajan, Mata Rani Song, and Rajasthani music. 

He started his singing career with religious Mata Rani Bhajan and other Rajasthani songs. People mostly like his songs and release stress and all other bad things.     

Full name Chunnilal Rajpurohit
Born in Jaswantpura, Rajasthan
Occupancy Singer
Song Types Mata Rani bhajan and Rajasthani Song

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  • Helo Maro Sambhalo 
  • Bheruji Latiyala

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Chunnilal Rajpurohit