Bhanu Pandit Biography


Born In : Punjab
Occupation(s) : Singer

Bhanu Pandit is a Singer who mostly produces Hindi and Punjabi songs. Bhanu Pandit has worked on the song(s) namely Darshan Do Bhagwan, Taash De Patte, Tu Mera Misra Hai, Hey Shri Ram Kripa Ab Kariye, Sri Ganesh Mahima. Over the years Bhanu Pandit has collaborated with Surya Raj Kamal, Suresh Wadkar, Sadhana Sargam, Anita Bhatt, and Mohit Mishra. Bhanu Pandit has received 16M views on YouTube for the song Block Na Kareya Kar.

Bhanu Pandit is an Indian musician who rose to recognition after appearing on Star Bharat’s ‘Om Shanti Om’, where he gained acclaim and went on to undertake many more projects in the mainstream media. With this reality show, he launched his career and went on to record several more albums and singles. He began his career as a playback singer in a 2019 TV series called Dance Bar. With ‘Abe Bache Ki Jaan Lega Kya’, he seemed to be gaining traction in the mainstream media (2021).

He’s worked on IPL League Deewano Ki (2021), Bhanu Pandit & Anita Bhatt: Lockdown’s short video (2021), Cutie Pie (2021), and Teri Rooh (2021) as a composer. This young skilled vocalist appears to be progressing in the music industry and doing wonderful work. 

Full Name  Bhanu Pandit 
Occupation  Singer 
Leave in  Punjab
Music Type  Hindi, Punjabi songs

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Bhanu Pandit