Atahar Hayat Biography


Born In : India
Occupation(s) : Singer

Athar Hayat Nizami is a prominent singer and lead member of the Sufi Hayat Brothers. He started singing at the very young age of 10 years. He got training in classical music from his father (Walid Sahab) Ustad Hayat Nizami. He belongs to Sikandra Gharana and follows classical music only.

Athar Hayat is a Singer who mostly produces Hindi songs. Athar Hayat has worked on the song(s) namely Be Khud Kiye Dete Hain. Over the years Athar Hayat has collaborated with Hamsar Hayaat. Athar Hayat has received 20K views on YouTube for the song Be Khud Kiye Dete Hain.

Hayat is from the ‘Secunderabad Gharana’. His father started teaching him classical music when he was seven years old & after four years of learning, he came with his first performance at the age of ten and performed in Akbar Hotel singing ‘Parda hai Parda’ in front of “Amitabh Bachchan” chief guest for the occasion.


Name  Atahar Hayat
Occupancy  Singer 
Gender  Male
Music type  Hindi Songs
Leave in  India

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Atahar Hayat