Asa Singh Mastana


Artist Birtday : 22/08/1927 (Age 96)
Born In : Punjab
Occupation(s) : Singer
Genres : Bhangra, Folk

Asa Singh Mastana established himself as one of the popular Punjabi singers and musicians.

Singing a song for the Bollywood film “Heer” was one of the best works of his life. The song of the film is still popular among the people. His song “Jugni”, and Heer’s traditional songs tell a story about the love of Heer- Ranjha written by poet Waris Shah.

He started to gain fame as a Punjabi singer in 1940, and by the middle of the 1960s when All India Radio began broadcasting folk artists to support them. Due to these radio programs, he became popular among the people and soon became a top figure in Punjab alongside singers Surinder Kaur and Kuldeep Manak.

Asa Singh Mastana was born on August 22, 1927, to Mata Amrit Kaur and Sardar Pritam Singh in the Pakistani village of Sheikhupura. His family moved to Delhi and started living there after the partition of India and Pakistan.


The early life of Mastana

Mastana took music lessons under the guidance of Pandit Durga Prasad. While learning music, he was also working as a government employee in a bank at Chandni Chowk, Delhi. But he took early voluntary retirement from his government Job in 1981 so he could pursue his career as a singer.

In 1949, His first song which was broadcast on the radio was “Tattiye Hawayein Ni Tu Kehre Pase yon Ayi Hain,” It became popular among the people.

After that, he started giving a number of popular hit Punjabi songs. Some of his popular songs among music lovers are “Balle Ni Punjab Diye Sher Bachiye”, “Doli Charhdeyan Marian Heer Cheekaan” and “Kali Teri Gut”, New musicians started taking inspiration from these songs as these were widely popular among the people.

He also sang many sad songs like “Jadon Meri Arthi Utha Ke Chalan Ge.” Due to Mastana’s remarkable work, these songs have created a special space inside music lovers’ hearts.

He performed a number of old Punjabi folk songs by teaming up with Surinder Kaur or Prakash Kaur.

On May 23, 1999, Asa Singh Mastana passed away after a long illness. He is always remembered for his amazing work and lovely voice.


His Awards

1.  The Dilgir Award of the Government of Punjab in 1981
2.  The Punjabi Academy Award and Padma Shri in 1985.
3.  The Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Folk music of Punjab in 1986.