Annu Morwal Biography


Born In : Haryana 
Occupation(s) : Singer

Annu Morwal is a female Indian born playback singer. She is the most famous and popular singer of Haryana with all her songs in Haryanvi language. She is a bhajan and lokgeet singer of Haryana. Annu Morwal seems to be a fan of god lord Shiva because most of the songs are on lord Shiva.

She performed many stage shows in Haryana. Her voice is so sweet so people like to listen to her. Her dream is to be a singer. Now she has become a successful singer and famous. She also sings lokgeet on stage . She has been passionate about singing from her childhood.

Her some famous songs like सपरे मन्ने बिन सीखा ,भोले का डमरू,फुल तैयारी होली की ,पीपल पे झूला घलग्या री झूलो शेरावाली, दिवानी भोले की, Laung Ke Lashkare she also sing song on maa sherwani and Shiva .

Full name  Annu Morwal 
DOB  Not known 
Hometown  Haryana 
Occupation  Singer 
Song language  Haryanvi 
Song type  Bhajan bhakti 
Contact  9817408914

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Annu Morwal