Anirudh Bhola


Artist Birtday : 01/01/1990 (Age 33)
Born In : Mumbai, Maharashtra
Occupation(s) : Playback Singer
Genres : Indian Film Pop

Anirudh is a Bollywood musician and YouTube spectacle who has lent his vocalist to films such as Sanam Re, Nasha, Amit Sahni Ki List, Kites, and Krrish 3. He has been creating surges across the nation with his soulful singing. “Tera Nasha,” the label way of the film Nasha, is the foremost widespread solo track by Anirudh Bhola. He’s successfully doing a notional performance fully established on A.R. Rahman’s songs as the lead vocalist and also functions songs of artists like Nusrat Sahab and Mehdi Hassan which any further musician would think twice before trying.


Anirudh Bhola