Amit Kilam


Occupation(s) : Singer, Music Director, Artist

Amit kilam is performing as a drummer for the musical band Indian Ocean which was founded by Susmit Sen, Asheem Chakravarty, and Rahul Ram in 1990 and is widely famous for its fusion rock genre in India.

Amit joined the band in 1994 when their drummer Shaleen Sharma left the band. He was the youngest member of the band.

All four Susmit Sen, Asheem Chakravarty, Rahul Ram, and Amit Kilam have become the most successful and notable members in the band’s timeline by now.

Amit was passionate about music from childhood as he started learning guitar at the age of 4. Being a business-oriented person, he has a good knowledge of the market’s products. He is very passionate about his drum kit. He is both a guitarist and a drummer.

The list of his favorite musician includes A.R. Rehman Trilok Gurtu, and deep purple. He has the skill to blend Indian rhythm into his drumming in a unique style. Amit is fond of listening to different kinds of music like Bollywood, rock, and pop.

He is known in the film industry for movies like Masaan Katiyabaaz (2013) and Satyagraha (2013), Masaan (2015).