Ami Joshi Biography


Ami Joshi is an Indian born ladies singer, Her soulful tunes have won Seema the coveted name of ‘Maru Kokila’ – The crown of the desert nightingale. She portrays Hindi and Rajasthani music in the most beautiful way. The very mention of her name triggers off waves of rich, sweet melodies.

The very mention of her name triggers waves of rich, sweet melodies Ami Joshi has won hundreds of prestigious awards and accolades. Always an ace performer in contests and competitions, she has starred in musical events and stage shows worldwide. Overall, her journey so far, as a vocalist and stage performer, has been noteworthy and inspirational.

Full name  Ami Joshi 
DOB  Not  known 
Home town  Not known 
Profession  Singer 
Album type  Bhajan 

The songs are sung by Ami jhosi 


Ami Joshi biography