Artist Birtday : 05/08/1992 (Age 31)
Born In : Mumbai, Maharashtra
Occupation(s) : Singer
Genres : Indian Pop, Pop, Hip Hop

Akull Tandon is an acclaimed forthcoming Indian singer. Akull has more than 1.2 million followers on Facebook and is also a massive fan of different social media accounts.

With her arrival on social media and her passion to do numerous things, Akull is quite well known. Akull Tandon completed her education at Amadin School Sadiki. Akull has completed his graduation from Delhi College, Indore.
Akull Tandon’s current song ”Laal Bindi” is established in Mumbai. It may have shot to renown within a week, but his music trial started more than five years ago in Delhi. While he heard Bollywood music during his more youthful days. He formed a curiosity about music only after the academy. “I was raised to song composition by one of my friends.

I was mesmerized by the technicalities. He” declares the 27-year-old singer, recalling his university days in the capital, where he read several music-related books and articles on the internet.

“The more I was reading, the more I became curious. I was persuaded I would be doing a music profession,” the singer adds.
His notable songs include Yaad Na Aaye, Laal Bindi, Laal Chunariya, I Love You, Faraar, Bahana, Tera Hua and many more.